Mad Max: I AM FURIOSA!!!


Mad Max Eimear Coghlan A head with style
The release of Mad Max Fury Road on 14th May has us all sitting anxiously on our hands with bated breath. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I am Furiosa, helping women escape the cage of beauty ideals. The future of our sisterhood lies in the support we show each other as we create our own definition of beauty. The richness of our strength glistens from the flame within.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, even more so when there are captions underneath! So I’ll let the photos do the talking…..

Mad Max Furiosa Eimear Coghlan A head with styleEscaping the cage of beauty ideals

Mad Max A head with styleTime to change the Oppressor’s tune

3a“She’s my property!”   Furiosa rescues Capable from Immortan Joe

Mad Max Furiosa A head with style“Oh what a day, what a lovely day!”

Mad Max Furiosa A head with style“We are not things!”   Releasing the shackles

6bImmortan Joe is hot on our heels snarling “Where is she taking her? I want her back!”

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How to survive high school

High school is by far the MOST superficial experience  any person will ever have the chance to try and survive through. Boy, it can be god awful, especially when you don’t realize life REALLY starts directly after it. So here’s a short guide,, to not only get you through high school, but be ready for college and the real world after it. 
The choices you make in high school define the rest of your life. It’s not a game. Yes you can have fun and enjoy it, but be warned. You must prioritize correctly. From sex to sports to coming to terms with your own sexuality, I briefly cover ways to make your high school experience more enjoyable and end with less consequences. 

Get in shape.

Remeber when I said high school is superficial? Well it surely is. Get your ass in shape. Take care of yourself. If you can, buy some better clothes and a nice smelling cologne. Absolutely hit the gym 3 times a week at a minimum and run 2-5 times a week. (A sport will help a lot with this but that’s for later on.) Getting in shape isn’t purely about being ripped and looking good. Eating healthier and smarter makes you sharper and just overall healthier. You do tons of walking, and can sometimes be in a lot of positions where being in shape and fit will be a huge advantage. Just to name a few examples… 

  • People judge books by their cover– remeber what I said about superficial? Most peers and even teachers will judge you for the way you look, smell, and your demeanor. Excersize  builds character and just makes you appear better. Even when applying for a job, your interviewer will judge just as hard as the kids you go to school with everyday. 
  • Hot class rooms– not all schools are air conditioned in the warmer months of the year. And you don’t want to be trying to concentrate on a test when you can barely breathe. Being fit and eating right will aid in avoiding unnecessary distractions, as well as being the sweaty fat kid everyone ridicules or avoids. (Sounds crude but it it will 1000000000% happen)
  • Long walks to class and the stairs– Enough said. Honestly, being overweight in high school in just massively inconvenient for a lot of reasons (no pun intended). But this is by far the biggest reason you want to be fit. Walking is a drag for most thin or athletic people, so amplify that by being over weight and adding books or a book bag to the equation. 

These are just a couple examples where being physically fit saves you, well, physically. As for an emotional stand point, bullies can tare people apart. Some kids are ignorant by definition and really don’t know how badly words can hurt someone. And then there are some kids who are plain heartless and will torment for every shortcumming you may have. Getting in shape and being fit will save you A LOT of aggregation and stress and is well worth the effort. 

Join sports AND clubs.

Organized clubs and sports are a great way to build character, and possibly even set up your career. This could be your high school career, (meaning likability and popularity) and your actual life after high school if you can go pro, or maybe your part of the science club and your high school project that won the science fair turns into a Nobel prize down the road. Also, playing a sport and being good at it will protect you from the bullies if your maybe a heavy weight wrestler or line backer. All clubs and activities look good on resumes and job applications. Whatever floats your boat and sounds interesting, Just get into something! 

Being smart is GREAT.

Being smart will make u a target for idiots sure, but staying on top of your health, your grades, and not being too arrogant with your knowledge will set you up to be a class president, prom king or even a future doctor! Maybe these aren’t anywhere near your goals but you get the gist. Knowledge is power, so pay attention in school. Do your absolute best academically . You have SO much time to party and be with your friends and girlfriends/ boyfriends WHEN YOU DONT HAVE SCHOOL WORK. School and your health should be your main focus. 

Be kind and make friends with everyone

Making friends is a great way to avoid conflict. If you’re  friends with EVERYONE, then who is there to make fun of you, or start a fight with you. Making friends doesn’t just include your peers. Showing your teachers and the faculty respect and making an effort to be kind and compassionate will take you a long way. Like when you need an extra day for a paper, or are .1 points away from getting an A or B. The people you show respect will respect you more as a person. Sometimes people just have bad days, and when you argue with them or instigate the situation, you will 100% make things worse. Keeping your cool when you know someone is wrong and maintaining some class with show you are either the better person, or at least down to earth enough to understand that being arrogant and ignorant will get you no where in life. 


These can be tricky especially in high school. So many opportunities, and so much stress. First off, don’t get into a relajtonship if you’re talking to ten people at once, or check out every person you see. If you’re a flirt and don’t really have control of yourself in the sense that “dating” makes you exclusive to one person, then you don’t need to be dating. Now that being said, one you start dating someone, you’re going to have so many different feelings and feel pressured in so many different ways. My advice would be to put your relationship at the bottom of your priorities. Now relationships fall into the same category as friends and after school activities. How you choose to juggle those are on you. Let’s break relationships down a little bit..

  • Sex– it’s awesome, but not that awesome as to where it’s a priority. Finishing high school without getting or getting someone pregnant is awesome. And allowing you and your partner to be comfortable and ready with your decision. Come to an agreement. Compromise. Be willing to wait, if they aren’t ready. NEVER EVER give in if you don’t feel 100% ready. 
  • The actual relationship– Remember, you aren’t married. The second you feel as though you’re being let down and you aren’t happy, leave the relationship before it gets worse and you begin to resent each other. Let the other down easy if you feel as though breaking up is the right decision. Never try to get back or retaliate after a failed relationship. It causes more negative than positive effects and I guarantee it won’t help. 
  • asking someone out– Now you know who is out of your league and who isn’t. But every one is also very unique and stranger things have happened than people who don’t necessarily fit each other dating. When thinking about asking someone out, don’t hesitate. Just do it. When you have some inkling that they find you attractive or are interested, go for it. Be confident and be optimistic. If they reject you, GOOD. Life is full of rejection. And if they dont, even better! I reccomend asking when you’re at your peak amount of confidence, and when you have that person at least generally alone. If they seem too hot for you, go for it anyway, but wait for a hint or sign they are into you. Itl help you feel better and more confident when the time comes. The best way to handle rejection is to say, well, fuck em. You’re to awesome for them to handle and keep going through your awesome day. Do not hold resentment towards them for not being into you. Even if they let you down hard, and tell everyone and call you a loser. That’s THEIR bad. Not yours. Like I said, High school is SHALLOW. 
  • Rejecting someone– for people with a heart, it’s awkward. But don’t ever let yourself be guilted into dating or going out to a movie or dance with someone you’re not into. But I do ask you take into account looks aren’t everything. And people are generally incredible in their own ways. Let them down easy, and give them a fair reason why you don’t wish to date, or whatever the occasion  is, with them.


You know what this is. At least most of us do. And if you don’t, you’re not missing out. I promise you that. It can lead to as much trouble as it does memories of fun. I’m going to bullet a few hot topics of partying and do’s and don’ts below, but please, party in moderatin and put school first.

  • Drinking– a large portion of teens take their first sip of an alcoholic beverage in high school. There is a reason you need to be a certain age to drink, but I’m not going to be a martyr. If and when you do drink, do so in moderation, and only around people you absolutely trust. Know your limit, and have your friends back. When something goes wrong, man/woman up and take charge. Calling 911 when a friend is lying facedown foaming out the mouth is WELL worth the lecture you wil get from your parents. And please, if you listen to a single thing I’m writing, don’t drink a drive. It’s not fucking worth it one bit. It’s beyond dangerous and WILL have consequences. 
  • Marijuana- first of its illegal. Yeah but that won’t stop you either. I won’t say it’s safer than alcohol per say, but it’s never been associated with death, and the worst thing youl do (generally speaking), is it eat A LOT, and forget to do your homework. Never go to school high, (or intoxicated by alcohol either). And don’t let it take over your life. 
  • Cigarettes– honestly 100% worthless and terribly addictive. They don’t get you high or drunk, destroy your teeth and mouth, and decrease your lung cappacity by a huge margin. Avoid these at all costs. Then alcohol then marijuana.

Honestly staying away from all of these would be amazing, but a large portion of teenagers try 1 or all 3 at least once in high school. Be safe and heed my warnings. 


Touchy subject, but I feel as though it should be mentioned. Don’t be dead open about it. Some people are morally disgusting and un accepting to the point where they will make your life hell. Tell a CLOSE friend that you know you can trust first. And play it by ear. You lose friends and gain some, but the people that accept you for who you are, are the ones worth having in your life. Don’t flaunt your sexuality, (same as straight couples shouldn’t be making out in the hallways). If your proud of your sexuality and who you are that’s great and will help you a lot in life, but don’t purposely flaunt and expose yourself. This will only make your high school career worse. When you tell your parents or gusrdians, be sure you have a friend or means of support if they reject you because it can happen and will leave you devistated if you truly have no one. 

So let’s some this up

High school takes some strategy to enjoy and excel at the same time. Be smart. You can tell what’s right and wrong. Good and bad. Your best bet is to be genuine and take care of yourself. Your hygiene, your health, your weight and your school work. That’s all part of taking care of yourself. Be a better version of yourself. You’re you know matter what way you spin it, but you can always im probe. Be nicer, fitter, smarter. That’s they key to life. Always improve yourself. Look for ways to become unforgettable. Whether you’re the smartest person anyone’s ever met, the kindest, or the best athlete. Improve.